VINCKE AISI 316L Stainless Steel Fittings

integral hydraulic solutions

Vincke has launched the new the AISI 316L stainless steel crimping fittings and adapters of a high quality finish, they are manufactured in accordance with the international fitting regulations for hydraulic transmissions. Vincke stainless steel fittings comply with ISO8434, BS5200, SAE J514 and DIN3865 standards. This new range joins the wide range of high pressure…(Read More)

Vincke Multiple Gear Pumps

integral hydraulic solutions

Vincke has found the best system for your needs. Easy, fast and safe are the main attributes of this new range of hydraulic components. We can supply pumps either assembled or unassembled. Our range includes European flange and SAE, thread fittings or flanges. Conic, parallel or splined shaft. The body is made of aluminium and…(Read More)

VINCKE Thermoplastic Hoses

integral hydraulic solutions

This 2018 Vincke joint with one of the leaders in thermoplastic hose manufacturing have launched to the market the new family of Vincke hoses, flexible thermoplastic hose for hydraulic use and for paint spray, simple and twin, textile braid, steel wire braids and fibre aramid…(Read More)

Vincke PE Safe-Guard

integral hydraulic solutions

To protect our hydraulic hoses, Vincke increases its range in hydraulic connections with an excellent product, the Safe-guard, a Polyethylene spiral that prevent the cover of assembled hydraulic hoses from damages. Its spiral structure allows to mount on one or several hoses…(Read More)

Trailer Brake bloque for tractor

integral hydraulic solutions

According of European regulation R (EU) 2015/68, Vincke has developed this compact and lightweight hydraulic unit. Hydraulic single-line braking system for certification of agricultural trailers and equipments. Aluminum block and Cetop valve 3. The Vincke adjustable manual brake block allows 3 independent brake pressure controls for agricultural trailers, depending on the load. Max…(Read More)


integral hydraulic solutions

Vincke has added a wide range of proportional valves in their catalogue, Cartridge valves, Cetop 3, Cetop 5 with integrated electronic or with amplifier card, also relief and flow regulator valves can be proportional…(Read More)

Since the end of 2017, all our hydraulic motors take external treatment, supporting +400 hours of salt spray. In addition, for applications that want to use the VNKP/VNKR but must also consider other operating conditions such as high static radial load, frequent starts/stops and vibration on the shaft, we can offer VNKP/VNKR…(Read More)

The great innovation in the multi-spiral system are the ferrules for R13-R15 from 1 ¼ “to 2”. Which until now was required the external skive. Never again will you skive hoses. Guaranteed system. In addition, this 2018 Vincke incorporates the ferrules for 4SP, 4SH and 4SS no-skive, and are assembled with the 1SN…(Read More)

Single/Double Acting Casting Aluminium Hydraulic Manifold Block for Power Pack “5p”. Vincke has improved substantially the manifold block, offering a greater possibility of assembling to have 5 ports, with a higher flow and lower pressure drop, more precise regulation with the new relief valve…(Read More)

Vincke Diamond high resistance.

integral hydraulic solutions

The Vincke “Diamond” series hoses offer a high resistance to abrasion, with a treatment on the cover that guarantees a resistance 50 times greater than the standard cover, available throughout the production…(Read More)

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